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Our History

The word “Gran” is the diminutive of “Grande”, which means GREAT.
This name, referring to a subject, indicates something about its value, its importance, uniqueness and quality.
The Villa from which our brand takes its name is intended as a symbol of made in Italy, of well-being and pleasure of life.

Italian grapes with italian heart

We grow indigenous varieties, in an area where vines have made their home for over two thousand years.
Ours are sincere, genuine wines, perfect for accompanying everyday, family dishes.
They have all the typical flavour of the wines of Romagna, enhanced by the quality that derives from a meticulous vinification process. They are wines to try, enjoy, and fall in love with.

We give our all to our land.

Modernity is written in the name of dynamism and innovation. Granvilla packaging is its symbol: a new format, practical and functional, not conventional for a wine.

A clean and elegant layout inspired by contemporary abstractionism.

Discover the real Italian taste


Villa Le Palis
17, Rue des Roses
MC – 98000 Monaco
Principality of Monaco

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