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Our History

The winemaking tradition of Granvilla comes from the Cracco family since the 18th century. High professionalism and search for quality, as well as entrepreneurial spirit, were the features that distinguished Francesco Cracco (born in 1799), that started the link with the land in the Veneto region and the direct production of wines and food.
The values of Cracco family from Valdagno, in the north Italian province of Vicenza, continued from generation to generation until present time when Alberto Cracco (Francesco’s descendant), thanks to many years of experience in the trade sector had the idea of combining a brand rich in history and passion with the innovation of wine in can: young, modern and suitable for all occasions.

Italian grapes with italian heart

We grow indigenous varieties, in an area where vines have made their home for over two thousand years.
Ours are sincere, genuine wines, perfect for accompanying everyday, family dishes.
They have all the typical flavour of the wines of Romagna, enhanced by the quality that derives from a meticulous vinification process. They are wines to try, enjoy, and fall in love with.

We give our all to our land.

The land has to be loved, protected, and cared for. We are its guardians: we want to make it profitable, not exploit it. Because, in that way, its fruits thrive all the more, and the quality of the wines that we obtain from them also continues to grow.
Our members are small-scale farmers: they are familiar with every inch of their vineyards, and they know just when and how to intervene in order to obtain the best from their grapes. And we, the cooperative, help them with agronomical and oenological support, investing in specialist personnel and in production technology.
Because we and they are all one.

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